POTD – Pick(s) Of The Day




Oh my god, I am so obsessed with Loewe – Spanish luxury brand based in Madrid, Spain, since 1846 – at the moment, especially their timeless Amazona bags have totally stolen my supremely fashion-infected heart.

Loewe now offers you the ultimate chance to customize your very own Amazona in terms of colours, fabrics and sizes and even adds your personal initials to the front side if you wish so. For more information just visit

http://www.loewe-amazona-atelier.com/welcome/ .

My Dream Amazona would be a calfskin one as Loewe produces the absolute smoothest calfskin I have ever seen or, more correctly, touched, coloured in timeless black (Remember, I’m a black cat at heart?!) and paired with soft gold hardware.

I think it is unnecessary to mention that I would be adding my personal initials as well.

Happy customizing, y’all!

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Kick Start


Good evening, you crazy folks out there.

This is my very first post on here, so I thought to feature an image of myself, which – by far – describes me way better than a billion words would probably do:



Love:  Slightly grown-out hair, Jewellery, a great Rock ‘n’ Roll vibe, Black, which is my go-to colour for almost every single outfit (Black is the new Black, y’know.), ENGLAND, FASHION and MUSIC.

Hate:  Anything plastic … I’ll leave that up to your Imaginations.

Addictions:  DIET COKE, FASHION and MUSIC.

So that’s me – short and sweet.

To find out more WATCH THIS SPACE …

See you sooner than soon!!