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‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’ – Or Long Live The Arcadian Dream?

‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’ – Title of THAT brand new and almost surrealistically high anticipated THE LIBERTINES album that has just been released yesterday, but also entitling a well-known poem written by English poet and soldier as well as one of the leading poets of the First World War, Wilfred Owen, which incorporates the theme of the horrors of war. – So, an album name quite fitting as it is symbolic for a band that have been engaged in some sort of war with their own inner demons as well for the past 11 years. To be absolutely honest, I still think they have not found anything close to balance and peace just yet, but, ultimately, walking on that carefully balanced tightrope between chaos and magic might be exactly what makes them what they are to this day – one of the most shambolic, yet most thrilling and brilliant bands of their generation, yes, even of all time.

The album itself is just typically – for want of a better word – ‘LIBERTINES-ish’, fully living up to the band’s shambolic heritage as well as their deliberately retro epitomisation of the ‘Old England’ – the so-called Albion – which is still as absolutely brilliant as ever.

The other day’s well-documented ‘medical emergency’ surrounding frontman and guitarist/ lyricist Pete Doherty, which caused various gig cancellations at, to say the least, quite short notice, speaks for itself and therefore only confirms one’s impression that not really much has changed ever since THE LIBERTINES embarked on an indefinite hiatus due to those overtly well-known, irreconcilable differences between their two frontmen – Carl Barât and Pete Doherty – fulminating back in 2004.

So with the new record out now, one has to wonder: Has that Arcadian dream fallen through all over again?

Below, you find an audible treat – the album’s title song of the same name as the album itself – ‘Anthems For Doomed Youth’: